Childhood Memories

The best part of my teen years was spent at a big working yard with all types of horses and some hilarious friends who thought it was funny to lock me in a barn in the pitch black…

We enjoyed the sunshine, the outdoors, the working hard the excitement of getting up to do it again the next day if it was the weekend and the day after if it was the holidays.

I am so lucky and beyond grateful that my littley seems to be already be burning full of passion for all things equine. Even at 3 she is learning that there is more to ponies than just the riding. She can be persuaded to groom not will readily help muck out and poo pick.

I hope she continues to maintain this enthusiasm and bravery of her own accord without my pushiness 🤣🤣 because I love watching her have a ball. 🏇🏇 What do you remember most from your childhood? 

George x

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