Labour and Birth

Planning For Every Eventuality

Toby almost made his entrance into the world in ASDA Living but we made it to hospital. What a curveball 6 weeks ahead of schedule! 

He was born completely healthy and happy and has kept the same content smiley traits since.

It was a hard time, having to leave him in the hospital, expressing for him around the clock and making sure his big sister was settled amidst the chaos.

That said, the NICU staff were simply angels and we were all cared for beyond measure. They did their best with helping me try to breastfeed and picked me up when we were told we couldn’t go home for yet another day… Toby’s arrival was not what we had planned but we managed.

If you feel like you might need or want some help planning for any eventuality for your birth please send us a message.

Ps I think he’s doing alright… ❤️💙 

George x

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