Tactical Parenting

Where It All Began…

So this is where our story began… A chance meeting at an old folks home as we were trying to cheer up the residents with our toddlers (said children completely missed the point but were kept amused by all things biscuity). On George’s disable that Vicky was still able to remain standing upright on her tiny frame with her very VERY pregnant belly, she initiated inane baby conversation about being ready for the clearly imminent arrival of said baby. 
Turned out Vicky had everything but nappies, which George had plenty of left after her latest creation had outgrown them. With that nappies were given in return for a coffee and cake date- the only currency new mums really deal in.

Not only do George and Vicky get on their kids do too, Vicky’s placid, well mannered gentle beauties seem to take George’s confident (bossy) and loud children all in their stride- the eldest two have even planned their wedding… Vicky is nothing short of genius- literally, and kept her mind active blogging as the tactical mummy and creating a FB group- The Art of Tactical Parenting which has flourished with the input of an incredible admin team.

As educated women, teachers, Vicky and George decided that antenatal care in our area was severely lacking and with some fairly negative birth experiences of their own the decision was made to become antenatal practitioners.

The Art of Tactical Parenting Antenatal Classes will make you aware of your birth rights and choices and leave you confident and empowered.

George x

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