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Why Does The Road Bend?

Yesterday while we were driving, my three year old said something that really made me stop and think.

He asked:

‘Why does the road bend Mummy?’

I was on autopilot and gave my standard response:

‘Why do you think it bends?’

He thought for a while and eventually replied:

‘So that there is a surprise around every corner’.

I just love the innocence of a three year old and how surprises are always good.

We tend not to want surprises in birth. We tend to want everything to go perfectly to plan.

So what if we forget about a birth plan? What if we just make a list of birth preferences or birth choices?

And what if we embrace the idea that the road bends so that there is always a surprise just around the corner? It doesn’t matter then that we can’t see exactly where we are going.

It’s getting there that’s important. And we welcome surprises instead of dreading them.

Because once we are prepared for whatever is round that bend, then we can truly embrace and feel positive about birth – and life.

Vicky x

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