The Journey

The Journey Is The Reward

My sister in law has this tattooed on her foot and I absolutely LOVE it- the quote, not her foot.
I love that life has its plot twists and that you really cannot know what is around the corner. I find it really helps me to live in the moment- especially since having children. Our lives are all so busy- but ultimately what for?
My husband and I have both lost parents relatively young- I was 20 when my dad died and he was only 52. So for me, time is the most precious gift I have to give and can be given because ultimately it is limited.
Parenting, without doubt, has been the most fascinating, exhausting, messy but magical journey so far and I am so incredibly grateful for all those I have shared that journey with and fellow travellers I have met along the way.
Whether life is peachy or your are amidst a struggle, nothing is permanent and that to me is amazing, it’s all part of life.
Whether our paths cross briefly, not at all or we spend a considerable time on a journey together, I wish you the gift of time to take in your surroundings wherever you are in whatever you are doing.

George x

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