Labour and Birth Parenting Relationships

The One Carrying the Baby

It’s difficult to be the one carrying the baby.

You feel responsible 24/7 for this little life and then for delivering it safely into the world.

You are constantly thinking about what you can eat, what you can drink and whether you have felt movements recently. Not to mention all the physical changes in your body, which make it feel so strange and unfamiliar.

For Dad it’s different.

He may feel a kick from outside in the later trimester, but baby is not really on the radar until he arrives kicking and screaming into the world.

For our most recent client, the best outcome for the mother was that Dad realised he has a really important role in labour. He is her voice, her cornerstone, her rock. And it was empowering for him too. Suddenly they were in it together.

They went to bed talking about the birth and woke up talking about it too. For mum, this was a major shift because she no longer felt as if it was just her telling him what she wanted.

He was in it with her. They were in it together.

It’s why I feel so lucky to do what I do – we really do make a difference.

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