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What Makes A Good Antenatal Course?

We are delighted to introduce Jo from ‘Joanna Victoria Blog‘ as a guest blogger today.

In this article, Jo talks about her own experience with antenatal classes and the key issues she feels are often left out.

Of course, in The Art of Tactical Parenting sessions, we cover all of these vital issues and more! It is important when booking your course to ensure that you find out what topics are covered and whether the course is the right ‘fit’ for you and the way in which you plan to parent.

It’s been almost 5 years since I attended an antenatal class. With my sister being pregnant with her first child, it has got me thinking about the things I wish I had been told at antenatal classes.

I must admit I felt the antenatal classes I did weren’t the best and I didn’t really learn much from them. A lot of the information they told us about I had already read in books. So here is some of the information I wish I had learnt at antenatal classes.

1. More information on pain control methods

They didn’t go into too much detail on the different methods available. I had an epidural as well as gas and air but there definitely wasn’t enough information given on the methods to give mothers a chance to make an informed decision.

2. Breastfeeding 

This was hardly mentioned and I wish they had told me how hard it is and that it’s not easy as some people say. I didn’t realise how hard it was to get a right latch and even that mixed feeding was a thing. 

3. C-sections

They  were hardly mentioned and a lot of pregnant women can end up having an emergency c-section. I did and I wasn’t at all prepared for the idea as I wasn’t given the information needed. 

4. The emotions you may feel after birth

I cried a lot. I wasn’t expecting to be so tearful and it was normal. You hear about postnatal depression but not about how you feel when your hormones are all over the place in those early days after birth.

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