Labour and Birth

Our Mission

It’s not just about antenatal sessions.

It’s about giving women a voice.

It’s about giving them the ability to make informed choices.

It’s about making sure women feel that they have been listened to.

It’s about birth rights. Pure and simple.

So that instead of: ‘I had to have an induction.’

It’s: ‘I opted to have an induction.’

Instead of: ‘I couldn’t have a home birth.’

It’s: ‘I decided that a home birth was not the best option for me and my baby.’

Instead of: ‘I had to have a forceps delivery.’

It’s: ‘I decided to accept a forceps delivery.’

It’s a subtle change of language, but it’s an important one. Because when women feel they have power and control over their birthing experience, when they feel informed and when they feel listened to, that’s when the shift happens.

When you are making your own informed choices, your birth experience is not just something that happened to you.

And that makes all the difference.

Vicky and George xxx

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