Breastfeeding Newborn Self-care

Protect Your Nest

Around teatime of Day 2 is when your baby will start their first growth spurt.

That’s when it will feel as if they are on the boob constantly. They might hop off for twenty minutes and go straight back on. This is called cluster feeding and will continue all through the night. Which means that during Day 3 you must rest, because it will all begin again that evening.

However, Day 3 is often when family decide they’ve left you alone for long enough and all want to descend and see the new arrival.

Protect your space as much as you can. This is where Dad can help.

Want to come and see baby? Bring food and do some cleaning. Want to quickly ‘pop’ over? Pop it is – maximum of half an hour.

Do the washing up while you are here. Baby needs a feed? Pop the kettle on while I stay right where I am feeding baby and you can make me a cup of tea.

Want to hold baby? Great, I’m just going for a quick nap and a bath.

Never feel that you have to be entertaining people instead of nurturing your new relationship.

And if you don’t want to pass your baby around, you don’t have to.

Your baby, your rules. 👌

Vicky and George xxx

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