Early Days With A Newborn

‘Will life ever be normal again?’

I remember vividly saying this about four days into having a newborn.

I dreaded the nights because they were long and dark and I would be alone, feeding baby while longing for sleep.

My head would pound with exhaustion and just as I would close my eyes to drift off, there would a shrill cry, screeching through my brain.

I would feel angry – why can’t he just let me sleep?

Dinner times were intercepted with cries, or I would be trying to eat with one hand and a baby hanging off my breast.

I just wanted ONE MINUTE to myself. Even when I had a bath to get away, Daddy would be knocking on the door half way through, with baby hollering for his boob.

Thank goodness for my friend, who came over and told me that I didn’t need to change his nappy every three hours at night, that he didn’t need to come with me to the toilet and that he would be perfectly safe in his cot while I did a wee.

Thank goodness for the fact that she shared safe co-sleeping guidelines with me, so that I could finally get the rest I needed.

Thank goodness that life with a baby did eventually feel normal – a new normal – but normal nonetheless. And that’s why we do what we do. W

e are are ‘that friend’. And by joining our online group course, you’ll have even more. 💕

Vicky x

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