Vicky and George


Welcome to The Art of Tactical Parenting…

We are Vicky and George.

Who knew that after a chance meeting on a rainy afternoon in a Care Home, we would be here today passionately supporting women and putting them in control of their own birth choices?

We both have young children aged 3 and 1. When we first met, we discovered that we not only shared a love of our children, but also of cake and a nice glass of wine.

Despite having very different birth experiences, we share a passion to support other mothers in being aware of the birth choices open to them and the information they needed to make the best birth decisions for themselves and their families.

Between us we have sixteen years teaching experience and we decided to utilise these skills and train with The Village Midwives to become fully qualified Antenatal Education Practitioners. From there we set up The Art of Tactical Parenting so that we could run the antenatal courses we wish we’d had.

George and her children.

We are determined to give women a voice when it comes to their birth choices.

We will help you feel confident about labour and birth.

You will gain clear information about your choices and be able to make informed decisions about your labour and birth.

Together we will help you plan the way forward so that you feel in control and positive about what life with a baby will look like.

Vicky and her boys.

So that is us. A chance meeting and a desire to support other women has brought us on this incredible journey, to where we are today: the voice of birthing women everywhere.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the tribe of powerful women in our Facebook Community and book your antenatal course with us. When you have us on your side, you can achieve anything.